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Keep your developers innovating, building, and achieving better business outcomes while a Fulltime Technical Writer handles your product content.

Product Development is more complex than ever

Building software today involves many tools, technologies, and services across different providers.Developers are required to manage far more intricate environments. Don’t add documentation to their burden.

Hackmamba empowers you to optimize your developer experience with the right documentation.

Here’s how we work in 3-steps:

  1. Collaborate with you on requirements and audit your developer journey, documentation structure, and content outcomes.

  2. Onboard an experienced technical writer to your team, backed by our strategists and editors.

  3. Create and evaluate documentation content to beat or match your product development timelines.


Developer Journey

We consider your developer journey and deliver documentation matching their problem paths, consequently reducing technical support utilization.


Documentation Structure

We structure your documentation with a focus on user intents and goals to drive deeper adoption and reduce friction.


Libraries and SDKs

We track and write detailed documentation for libraries and SDKs in languages including Javascript, Python, Rust, Golang, and Java so your users integrate without breaking a sweat.



We publish expert API docs, following standardized specifications, improving developer experience, and paving the way for a seamless integration.

1.6M+ Developers

1200+ Articles

9.8/10 Rating

We hear it all the time

Lean teams often hesitate to bring in external agencies because they fear the extra burden of supervision or lack the resources to ensure perfect alignment.

Our guarantee

Hackmamba isn't just any agency. We've earned our stripes by seamlessly integrating with and extending your software engineers and entire product team.

  • Plug-and-Play Integration: We learn and understand your workflow and seamlessly fit in so you can focus on your best work.

  • No Hand-Holding Needed: You won't need a dedicated supervisor. Our team is self-driven and aligns with your objectives.

  • Dev-Friendly Approach: Developers love us because we are them. We speak their language and create documentation that truly converts. The writers on your team are first software engineers, then writers.

  • Proven Track Record: Our history and reputation speak for themselves. We've consistently exceeded expectations.

  • Money-Back Guarantee: We stand by our work. If unsatisfied with our services, we offer a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Hear what our clients say about us.


Working with Hackmamba has been a highly professional experience. They deliver high-quality content and handle the review process on their end, which saves us a lot of time and resources. Hackmamba also excels at creating use cases that don't currently exist, providing valuable resources for developers to explore and learn from. If you don't currently have a content team or are not using a content service, you are missing out on the opportunity to attract and retain top developers.

Tessa Mero

VP of Developer Relations, Appwrite


Hackmamba assists us in writing high-quality technical articles that match our editorial plan, acting as a multiplier of our internal content production. They never miss a deadline and are proactive in suggesting new ways of optimizing the process and exceeding the expected goal. The produced content is valid from a technical point of view and an SEO perspective. Hackmamba’s production process is transparent and professional: exactly what we sought.

Paolo Martinoli

Technical Writer, Mia Platform

Your concerns go beyond just seamless integration

You want assurance that the professionals handling your technical documentation are not just good but exceptional.Rest assured, our technical writers are software engineering professionals and industry leaders across a diverse spectrum of tech stacks, including:

  • DevOps

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Web Development

  • Cloud Computing

  • Blockchain

  • Networking & Infrastructure

starts as low as $2,499

Limited resources? No problem.

Our primary goal at Hackmamba is to combat inadequate documentation and empower software teams worldwide. That's why we've made affordability a cornerstone of our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if the service doesn't go as promised? - While this never happens it's quite simple, you get your money back, and we'll work to make you whole if any time is lost.

  2. How does Hackmamba's documentation service work? - Our experienced technical writers collaborate closely with your development team to create and maintain comprehensive documentation tailored to your product.

  3. Can I trust Hackmamba with my unique product requirements? - We specialize in customizing documentation to suit your needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your project.

  4. What kind of results can I expect from Hackmamba's service? - Our clients have reported faster development cycles, reduced support costs, increased user satisfaction, and a competitive edge in the market.

  5. How do you manage intellectual property and a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)? - We prioritize your data's security. We provide non-disclosure agreements to safeguard your confidential information. Your IP is valuable. We ensure all created content respects your intellectual property rights and can be transferred to your ownership.

Not ready to work with us?

We understand that every journey has its own pace, and you may not be ready to plunge. That's perfectly fine.At Hackmamba, we're here to support you at every step of your documentation and technical content needs, whether you're ready to start right away or still exploring your options.

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